We work with you collaboratively to break down any issues to create a deeper level of understanding and open communication within the relationship.


Alleviate the difficulties and clashes that you might be experiencing with your other half. Add to your repertoire of tools to overcome conflict to reach a healthy compromise both people are happy with.

Corporate Counselling & coaching

We work with you and your team to motivate and assist in productivity, innovation and forward-looking mindsets for a healthy and cohesive work unit.

Therapies & Treatments


Feel at ease with your partner and work through disagreements with a plethora of new techniques that will establish effective and healthy methods of communication.


Ensure that the bond with your husband or wife maintains its strength and work together to propel your marriage to new goals, aspirations and objectives.


Emotion regulation is a highly beneficial skill to have if worked on effectively with a professional. Contain explosive bursts of anger or soothe internal anger by replacing your current thought and behaviour patterns with healthy sequences.


Reduce and manage feelings of anxiety and perpetual thinking loops that seldom work in your favour. Stress and anxiety are the number one cause of depression and sadness. We are here to help.


Depression is a serious issue and should be taken care of with the utmost professionalism, dedication and confidentiality. We work with you to address your mood, thought and behaviour patterns in a systematic way to effectively address your experience and create a unique plan for you.


Discover the benefits of top tier Couple Mediation services offered by our experts here at Relationship Counselling Australia. Effective communication with logical actions to follow is the starting point of a healthy resolution between you and your partner.


We work closely with you and your partner to offer proven strategies that are designed to be powerful facilitators of healthy and strong communication within your unique dynamic. Although couples are recognised as one unit, we also understand the importance of getting to know you and your partner individually in order to gain an in depth understanding of the unique elements you bring into your relationship. Our experts here at RCA offer specialised services that are tailored to suit and address your specific needs and establish working goals in conjunction with a unique action plan.

Phone counselling & support


Online counselling with zoom


Personal counselling & support


Our Expert Therapists Can help
with the following common relationship issues

  • Affairs
  • Controlling behaviour
  • Verbal & Physical abuse
  • Imbalance of power
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Poor communication
  • Loss of love
  • Relationship neglect
  • All forms of family problems
  • Anger management problems


  • Kew and East Kew
  • Richmond
  • Balwyn and Balwyn North
  • Bulleen
  • Hawthorn and East Hawthorn
  • Camberwell
  • Surrey Hills
  • Ivanhoe and East Ivanhoe
  • Eaglemont
  • Clifton hill

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Relationship Counseling Australia

We comprehend the severity and delicacy of these problems, hence why we offer our new clients the experience to speak with us directly from the internet to get a feel for what we are and how we can assist you. Speak to us to learn how you can receive an obligation-free consultation from one of our leading counsellors, today.

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“this is due to their excellent service, competitive pricing and customer support. It’s throughly refresing to get such a personal touch.”

john & Jane Johnson

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