About us

Relationships &

Relationships and marriages can be very fulfilling, enriching and great fun, but as any worthwhile sectors of your life , they usually require changes and commitment from both parties to embrace better ways to strengthen and enrich the relationship.

Relationship &

We help you in a variety of ways to educate individuals and couples to help you share experiences, connect with others improve communication, revitalising your emotional connection, re-negotiating your commitments and learn new skills to improve your relationship.

Corporate counselling & Coaching

Whether you are on or are moving to a more senior role or facing a new leadership challenge, or simply need someone to coach, mentor, and /or counsel you ,help you navigate through difficult situations, alert you to emotional subtleties and provide a safe environment to talk about issues that you need to explore and manage.

We are agile and work hard to solve your issues


Let our highly qualified therapists guide you and assist your thoughts. From negative perspectives, anxiety all the way to depression; we are here to help you overcome any obstacles in your way of living your life to the fullest.

Personalised Treatment

Our one-on-one sessions are designed with privacy, confidentiality and dedicated counselling plans in mind. Our specialised focus will be on you as an individual and building a strong and meaningful therapeutic alliance whilst taking into account your surrounding environment and circumstances in order to develop a deeper understanding about your situation.


Group work is a way to gain insight on other people and open up. By seeing that others might be facing similar problems with you, it will propel your confidence and our collaborative environment will get the most out of you.


We understand that distance can prevent individuals from receiving high quality counselling, especially if they are unable to travel. Sometimes you would just want to speak over the phone and receive the same, if not better results. Here at RCA, we offer this service for you and make it convenient for you to have access to our counselling services.