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Corporate counselling, coaching and mentoring for CEOs and Senior Managers

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Whether you are on or are moving to a more senior role or facing a new leadership challenge, or simply need someone to coach, mentor, and /or counsel you ,help you navigate through difficult situations, alert you to emotional subtleties and provide a safe environment to talk about issues that you need to explore and manage.
Being the head of a company or your business, you need to function well regardless of its size. SME business owners face many similar challenges to leaders in executive and managerial positions in large organisations. Despite having a need for effective solutions, many small business owners lack the resources to acquire them.

RCA corporate and SME counselling, coaching and mentoring is flexible and geared towards helping CEO`s, senior managers, small business owners, manage operations in a balanced way to manage emotional needs related to workload, personal and family issues. Our strategic counselling, coaching, mentoring will assists you with the following in managing interpersonal and organizational issues, personal goal and aspirations, career transition.

  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict –resolution ability
  • Redundancies and lifestyle changes

Taking steps to improve executive performance can have a big pay-off for an individual career… and advantage an entire organisation. As the Financial Times put it recently, there has been a profound change in the perception of career coaching in the past 20 years… from being slightly remedial to being about essential development of key talent.

Secure phone and video counselling

RCA OFFERS secure phone and video counselling, coaching and mentoring. Research shows that in expert hands, phone and video counselling is just as effective as face-to-face counselling, the two methods outcomes were identical to those for conventional therapy.

Our Counsellors and psychotherapists are available at short notice or same day. Many individuals find themselves in urgent need to have chat with a professional therapist but find hard to get expert help because they are too busy to commute. Our secure phone and video counselling eliminates time wasting to commute to waiting rooms, with all the hassles of parking meters, etc. It allows you to get expert, effective psychological help on your schedule from your home, your work or while travelling interstate or overseas seven days per week (restricted basis only). All you need is a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone to access our services from wherever you may be

Call now or email to book a face to face or online session T. 1300 400 500 E. info@RelationshipCounselling