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Our History

Our History

Our History

Relationship Counselling Australia (RCA) is a leading Online and Face 2 Face relationship and marriage counselling service (Our History).

Our History – Our highly qualified counsellors and psychotherapists have many years of experience in counselling couples and individuals.

They are specially trained in relationship counselling and have a Masters degree in this field. We provide professional, evidence-based counselling  that is effective and client-centre

Relationship Counselling Australia was  established in 2018 Our relationship and marriage Psychotherapists and Counsellors are all registered and highly qualified to work with you in a positive way.

As relationship counsellors, we are not just about helping to repair relationships but more about assisting each partner to understand themselves in their relationship and their responses to their own needs as well as their partner’s.

Couples Counselling can be of huge benefit to any relationship, regardless of the nature or severity of your problems.

Some of the major ways in which couples counselling can benefit your relationship is in the areas of:-

– improved communication,
– revitalizing your emotional connection and
– re-negotiating your commitments.

Couples generally come to couples counselling when they realise that their relationship is in some kind of trouble.

Sometimes the problem is so significant, or has been left unattended for so long, that the relationship is already in severe crisis.

At other times, the couple becomes aware at an earlier stage that they are not able to resolve their problems on their own, and that they need the help of a relationship counsellor before their relationship hits crisis point and heads to dissolution.

No relationship is ever entirely smooth sailing. Sometimes the problems are overtly present form the beginning of the relationship, sometimes they surface after a long time of being together, or as a result of unexpected stresses.

Whatever trouble your relationship is in, and no matter how severely your relationship is being affected, almost all couples can benefit from couples or relationship counselling at some time in their relationship.

(Associated Relationship & Marriage Counsellors).

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Our History
Our History