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Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

Psychological well being is a universal human right, and the foundation of a healthy society (Our Mission).

Our Mission – RCA seek to provide every client with effective counselling support,  face to face and online giving couples and individuals  the opportunity to have counselling sessions via our video chat (Zoom) in the comfort of your own home, or at your office and also from different worldwide locations  by removing the need for commuting and coordinating schedules from wherever  individual or couple partners may be travelling or located.

As couple counsellors-therapists, we are not just about helping to repair relationships but more about assisting each partner to understand themselves in their relationship and their responses to their own needs as well as their partner’s.

Sometimes, individuals are not aware of why they react the way they do to certain triggers or why their partner seems like someone different under certain circumstances.

The challenge for us as counsellors-therapists is to try to identify firstly the pattern that a relationship is forming and then the reasons why this is happening.

Some people think counselling takes months or  years! we don’t work that way.

We do all that  is psychologically  and clinically possible to empower you  to make  positive changes and corrections  as quickly as possible so that you can experience a  powerful and positive outcome rapidly.

We typically work with couples for 6 to 8 weeks, but the duration of counselling and frequency of the sessions are up to you.

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Our Mission
Our Mission