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Relationship & education

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Relationships & Education

We help you in a variety of ways to educate individuals and couples to help you share experiences, connect with others improve communication, revitalizing your emotional connection, re-negotiating your commitments and learn new skills to improve your relationship.

We also provide pre-marriage education program to help you prepare for your future lives together, as no relationship is ever entirely smooth sailing. Your pre-marriage counselor will help you reach agreement about any problematic issues such as managing conflicts in a relationship, communications problems, managing the unexpected occurrences and changes in relationships, sexual issues in a relationship, acceptance and commitment, to have compassionate and open communication, managing conflicts in a relationship and how to achieve positive outcomes in all areas of the relationship that might affect the success and enrichment of your relationship and marriage. Positive and respectful relationships are free of poor communication, unresolved emotional differences, anger, hurt and/or resentment, lack of trust and a sense of being unappreciated.